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Empowering Innovation in Disciple Making

We believe in equipping Christians and churches in making disciples of Jesus through innovative resources and tools to catalyze a movement of God.

"Disciple making movements come out of training movements."

We are a resource & innovation hub networking Christians and churches to be equipped in making disciples of Jesus through Biblical principles and tools to catalyze a movement of God. 

We leverage online learning spaces for virtual cohorts to team together in imitating Jesus. 

Our resources are versatile and can be tailored to meet the needs of churches and individuals in their unique disciple making journeys.

A virtual learning community for ongoing training in our growing network.

Ongoing training content from various disciple makers

Innovative tools for Disciple Making

Our Growing Network


Disciples in Training


Church Partners


Certified Pathway Coaches

Participate in the Movement of God through Disciple Making

We provide the resources and tools to help churches and individuals make disciples of Jesus Christ. Join us in accelerating the Kingdom of God today.

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