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Welcome to the Prayer Hub! Thank you for joining us in depending on the Spirit, and multiplying prayer together. Scroll down to RSVP for Cascadia Collective prayer nights, see the prayer wall, and access prayer resources

We also invite you to our corporate fast for the Cascadia Collective churches on the 1st day of each month! You may choose your own version of a fast, but please pray for God to work powerfully in our collective!

Unite in collective supplication, lifting our hearts and voices to intercede for the needs of our region. Come be part of a powerful gathering as we seek intervention for those in need, fostering a shared spirit of compassion and support.

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Celebrate the goodness of the Lord. Join us for a joyous evening of praise, fostering a sense of unity and gratitude as we lift our voices in harmony to honor and thank our Creator.

Join us in an atmosphere where silence speaks volumes, providing an opportunity to attune your heart to the whispers of God, as we gather to listen, reflect, and commune with the Spirit and each other.

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Let's gather to express thanks, share stories of blessings, and lift our voices in joy for the abundant gifts in our lives. Cultivate a spirit of appreciation as we unite in a time of heartfelt thanks and reflection.

Scripture comes alive through collective prayer. Dive into the richness of God's Word as we intercede, aligning our hearts and voices with the powerful promises and wisdom found in Scripture.

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Collective Prayer Wall

This section will be updated every two months, following our prayer nights. Just clearly type your prayer requests into our zoom meeting chat and it will appear here so that the rest of the network can have ongoing prayer for you and your church! 


(Palm Desert House church)

- praying for Fruit


(Bridge Church of Christ)

- the need for people to come to church who are studying

-college students to get from Bible talk to church and faithful christian relationships. Also praying for faculty

(University Church of Eugene)

- pray Dennis' sisters husband. He has been in the hospital for 2 weeks. He has breathing problems due to methemisa gravis. 

- the spiritual battle , stay true and righteous, trust in His plan. 



- praying for Chris who was restored a few months ago. He is on the east coast currently taking care of his recently widowed mother Mindy

- Veronica's boss Chelsea making connections that God is her comforter.

- Micah, getting rooted in the Lord, connecting perhaps in Seattle


Check out guides on outreach prayer, developing habits, the JOY prayer, 22 questions of examen, GC2 prayer, and more to increase yoru devotional life.

Prayer walking is a simple yet potent practice that can ignite your prayer life and deepen your connection with God by walking into your city and partnering with Him.

Missional disciples possess authority in their prayers. Declaring authority in Christ with humility also helps to stress a missional outcome, seeking divine appointments to bless and heal others.

Effectiveness in prayer is often related to knowing what to ask, and asking it in alignment with God's will and language [His Word]. Movements begin and end in prayer.

Prayer Resources

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