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We Partner With You to Make Disciples

Explore our resources to unlock the power of prayer, fasting, and Gospel spreading in deepening your connection with God and creating a positive impact. Discover the art of partnering with God, blessing others, and aligning with His will for prayer that truly makes a difference. Uncover the missionary within you by learning how to identify receptive souls known as "Persons of Peace," and access tailored evangelism resources suitable for all church sizes. Dive into the world of Discovery Based Discipleship, where spiritual conversations and inviting others to discover Jesus take center stage. Lastly, explore how you can transition from a Discovery Bible Study group to a flourishing Spiritual Family as you join God in His mission of making disciples.


Want to strengthen your relationship with God and make a positive impact in your city? In these transformative prayer practices, we partner with Him, declare authority in Christ with humility, and seek divine appointments to bless others. By understanding what to ask and aligning with God's will, we can create a movement of effective prayer that changes lives. Don't miss out on this opportunity to deepen your faith and make a difference!

Explore the transformative wisdom found in Luke 10:1-12 and discover your mission in spreading the Gospel. Learn to identify "Persons of Peace" who are open to the Gospel, just as Jesus instructed His disciples. Our resources provide valuable insights from experts, videos, and practical tools like the BLESS Missionary Rhythms to empower you to be a more effective missionary in your unique context. 

We understand that every church and every Christian is unique, and that's why we offer versatile solutions that can be customized to fit your specific needs and goals. Whether you're a small church or a large ministry, we have the resources and expertise to help you succeed in your mission to make disciples of Jesus.

Learn how to redefine evangelism as a process of highlighting the Kingdom, asking insightful questions, and inviting others to discover Jesus. Dive into practical approaches for spiritual conversations inspired by Jesus. Access essential tools to navigate receptivity and invite people into a Discovery Bible Study environment. 

Discover the transformative potential of 2 Timothy 2:1-2 by identifying where God is at work and joining Him on mission. Explore new forms of church emerging from disciple-making efforts. Witness how the Gospel leads to the growth of the simple, intimate forms of church, and discover the transition from a Discovery Bible Study group to a Spiritual Family. Utilize the provided tools and documents to plan your next steps in this journey.

Want to help by contributing a resource?

Are you committed to the Great Commission and the call to make disciples of all nations? Do you equip others with effective disciple-making tools and materials?  This may look like a blog post, pdf, video, zoom interview, personal story, bible study, sermon, etc. that furthers Jesus' Kingdom mission. We need your help to empower, guide, and mentor others on their journey. If you have proven strategies and methods that will help to fulfill the mission of spreading the Gospel, then your support in providing these resources would be greatly appreciated as we partner to make disciples for the glory of God. Get in touch with us

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