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Sharing Stories Amongst the Lost

Have you ever wondered how to effectively share your faith and connect with people while out and about in your neighborhood or community? In this blog, Joey talks about his experiences in connecting with neighbors through activities like volunteering for a local food project and prayer walking. He emphasizes the importance of engaging in conversations with others and sharing stories, often from the Bible, to connect with people and deepen their understanding of faith. Additionally, Jim Brits shares insights on evangelism, focusing on the idea of being a "person of peace" and discipleship. The process involves sharing stories, conducting follow-up meetings, and encouraging individuals to share what they've learned with others. We'll break down the key steps and strategies discussed to help you become a more effective storyteller and evangelist in your own community.

At a glance

Step 1: Introduction

- Start your conversation by introducing yourself. Begin with a friendly greeting and a brief self-introduction.

- Mention your purpose and enthusiasm for blessing people in your neighborhood.

Step 2: Building Community through Acts of Kindness

- Continually pray for opportunities and being faithful in your efforts.

- "drip God" in your everyday conversations and actions, so that your efforts always connect back to God and opportunities to share stories about Him.

- Identify potential "persons of peace" in your community, those with compassionate hearts, who are already open to discovering the truth about God.

Step 3: Initiating Conversations

- Use prayer as a way to connect with people and initiate conversations.

- Ask questions about their lives, such as if they have any specific needs or what they would pray for if God would grant one miracle in their life.

Step 4: Sharing Stories

- Share a brief, relevant Bible story or a story that aligns with the person's needs or pain points.

- Minister to them with suggest stories like the 10 lepers, Mary and Martha, Jesus calming the storm, Jesus and Peter walking on water, the prodigal son, Jesus healing the paralyzed man, and the Shema.

- Explain the key message of the story and ask the individual what it teaches them about God and how they can apply it to their life.

Step 5: Inviting for Further Exploration

- After having one or two spiritual conversations, or even during the first one, ask if the person is interested in hearing more stories and discovering God's word for themselves.

- Emphasize that you're not there to preach but to let them hear from God directly.

Step 6: Reassurance and Prayer

- Reassure the individual that you'll continue to pray for them.

- Continue the conversation by asking if they would like to meet up to explore more stories and spiritual insights.

Step 7: Gathering a Group

- Explain that you're looking for people of peace willing to invite friends and family to explore faith together.

- If they're open to exploring more, invite them to gather friends and neighbors to discuss faith and life.

Conversation Script

Here is a possible conversation guide that you could follow, along with listening to the spirit for how to adapt to your situation.


  • We love our community. You are an important to us. If you could see one miracle happen in your life, what would it be?

  • We are out here praying for your neighborhood, is there any way I could pray for you today?

  • Before I pray for you, can I share a 30 second story with you?

*Listen to the Holy Spirit for a story. Share a Bible story around their need or pain point.

Then ask:

  • What does this story teach us about God?

  • How could you apply it to your life?

  • Would you be willing to meet with me one time for one hour? I would love to hear more of your story.

*Pray for them

Then ask:

  • Before I leave, we are out here looking for people that are interested in discovering truth about God through listening to stories like the one we just shared and discussing it with your family and friends.

  • Would you have interest in learning a really simple way....(i.e. to help your friends or family find hope from their addiction, pain point, problem?)


  • We are here helping parents be the spiritual leaders in their home? Would you be interested in learning how you can become a spiritual leader in your home?

  • Based on your prayer request, do you believe God could do a miracle in your life?

*If they say yes to any of these opportunities, then get their phone number. Text them within 24 hours to set up a follow up time.

*When you follow-up to meet with a person of peace, ask them to share their story and do a Discovery Bible Study together.

*Pray for them.

*Ask if they would be willing to invite people to join them in a Discovery Group that ministers to their need... "How to find hope in... freedom from... healing from..."

*Schedule the first meeting of their Discovery Group.

By following the basic steps and strategies outlined in this guide, you can become a more effective evangelist and make a positive impact in your community. See the full video for more tips and details, but remember to innovate and adapt these methods to your own context as you discern your own neighborhood's needs. Remember to keep the focus on genuine connections and open conversations, allowing individuals to discover their faith at their own pace.

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